Custom Processing

Custom processing is done in Rosemary at our Meat Shop. We process your beef, pork, lamb, or wild game to your cutting specifications and will hang custom beef for up to 21 days on customer request.

Inspected slaughter is done through Brooks Meat Packers. All arrangements are made through us at our Meat Shop. Simply phone us to book your animals in and we will contact Brooks Meat Packers to make the arrangements and then let you know the details; you only need to drop off your animals in Brooks according to the arrangements we have made for you. We then transport the carcass from there to our facility, cut and process to your instructions, and call you when it is ready to come pick up at our Meat Shop in Rosemary. (Wild game comes directly to the Meatshop in Rosemary for processing.) 

Price List:
Beef Slaughter fee $105
Pork Slaughter fee $45
Cut and Wrap $0.70/lb (on hanging weight)
Grinding fee   $0.25/lb
Wild Game (uninspected) $0.80/lb + $25 disposal fee

Custom Sausage 
We have a wide range of sausage that we can make for you with your wild game, beef, or pork. There are fresh sausage as well as cold smoked and fully cooked sausage recipes.

Price List:
Fresh Sausage  $1.90/lb
Smoked or fully cooked  $2.40/lb
Pork trim $2.50/lb (when we make the sausage for you) $3.00/lb is our regular price
Beef trim $4.00/lb (when we make the sausage for you) $4.50/lb is our regular price